What Vitamins Make Hair & Nails Grow Faster?

Hair and nails are a significant part of the biggest body organ – skin. Studies have shown that, during the period of one year, fingernails tend to grow up to an inch and a half. Unfortunately, if your diet is consistently replete with unhealthy foods, your hair and nails will decelerate their growth process, as they have nothing to feed themselves with and absorb nutrients from. Nails and hair crave vitamins and minerals to produce new, fresh cells and achieve their ultimate goal – namely, successful growth. If you are in a dire need of ways to make your hair and nails grow faster, there are several rules you need to stick to.

Firstly, when it comes to hair, the beginning of its growth stems from underneath the scalp. It is right there that cells produce a substance called keratin which provides hair with sufficient strength and firmness. According to research findings, hair grows ¼ of an inch on average. On the other hand, nails are formed from many layers of protein and their growth is manifested through the process of keratinization. During keratinization, cells amass and lengthen our nail plate forming the ‘whitish’ area people generally remove with scissors or a nail clipper. Both hair and nails are directly affected by our diet, mental health, but also external reasons such as the time of the year.

A combination of vitamins B, C and D is absolutely essential to our nutrition. For instance, healthy nails and skin are a result of sufficient vitamin D input. A bowl of milk and cereals is more than rich in vitamin D. Not only will it boost the health of your skin, but it will strengthen it as well. If you are not fond of cereals, you can find vitamin D in fish, particularly catfish, eel, herring and tuna, eggs and beef. Moreover, vitamin C sets the production of collagen in motion. Collagen being the vital substance in hair and nails, taking vitamin C through supplements or healthy food is mandatory. Have a lemon, kiwi, orange, grapefruit or a tangerine a day and you will not have to worry about your vitamin C supplies. Apart from vitamins D and C, vitamin B is also frequently associated with hair and nail growth. Thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and biotin are just some of the major nutrients you can feed your body with and help your hair and nails speed up their growth process. Broccoli, green peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, peas, peanuts and many other green vegetables will also come in useful.

As mentioned before, there are also other steps you can take to aid the process of your hair and nails rejuvenation. The first step you can take is to massage your scalp. Daily massage will enhance blood circulation, which basically means that a greater number of blood cells will flow through the hair follicles and fuel them with necessary nutrients. Since you cannot exactly massage your nails, what you CAN do is type a long email, send a lengthy text message, play a piano or engage yourself in an activity which will ask of you to use your fingers actively. In addition to that, have a good night’s sleep every night. Eight hours on average will replenish your energy supplies, motivate effective cell performance, and consequently, collagen and keratin production. Finally, avoid stressful situations in your life as much as possible. Meditate, jog, do yoga, treat yourself with a captivating book, a true page-turner, or watch a comedy before you drop off. All of these will help you have a stress-free life, and it will maintain the level of optimism of your mood, which is why you will not be prone to getting into conflicts of any sort. Do not let stress control your daily life, eradicate it completely and you will soon notice great results as your hair and nails will start growing faster and stronger.