What is HGH Used for?

HGH, an acronym for the human growth hormone, or the master hormone, has been used in recent times to treat more than growth problems. It is linked with the process of the growth of the body and is produced naturally within the body in a small gland in the brain called the pituitary. On the other hand, it can be gotten from a variety of other sources as well.

It is said that after the age of 30, the growth hormone level within the body declines, and for every ten years, a decline of 14 percent in the level is reported. Thus, the lower the level plunges, the more rapid is the process of aging. This may explain why increasing growth hormone levels can also reverse or in any case hold back some age-related signs. These signs may be a low libido, an appearing of wrinkles, weight gain, lean muscle loss, as well as a loss of bone denseness.

What is the growth hormone made from?

This is a protein that consists of amino acids identified as the peptide hormones, which differ from other proteins, as most of them are made up of lesser proteins which are linked together. This protein, however, is created as one extended chain and may consist of some two hundred amino acids.

What are the uses of the growth hormone?

HGH is dispensed in injection form. These groups of people may benefit from using artificial growth hormone shots:

• In children, this hormone is applied for treating problems with growth or disorders such as dwarfism or stunted growth.

• It benefits those undergoing radiation for treating cancer or brain surgery.

• HIV/AIDS patients suffer from muscle wasting and the growth hormone serves to hold up any damage, as well as helping them to develop muscle mass.

• This hormone helps with healing wounds from injuries and burns.

• Those suffering from the rare condition of Prader-Willi syndrome have numerous problems, one of the key ones being unrelenting hunger. As this hormone incites growth, as well as boosting the metabolism (which serves to switch over food into energy), it helps with this condition.

• A health condition typical only for women as well as young girls is Turner’s syndrome, which arises as a result of an absent sex chromosome. Some of the complications are short stature, heart problems, as well as fertility problems, and cognitive impairment – the growth hormone is one of the methods for its treatment.

• Some individuals who suffer from short bowel syndrome may also benefit from using the growth hormone.

• Some people use HGH to treat other common, non-medical, problems. Also, there are homeopathic growth hormone preparations available over the counter, without a prescription. It may also help with sleep problems, general weakness, weight gain, sexual problems, as well as memory problems.

• Sportsmen and sportswomen occasionally use HGH in order to increase muscle mass, raise energy levels and improve their performance, and even though this sort of usage is not recommended, there are many who claim it works well.

Are there are side effects of using this hormone?

To conclude, here are some possible side effects of using the growth hormone – the most commonly observed ones may include headaches, inflammation of the skin of the limbs, a toughening of the arteries, an increasing of muscle pain, hypertension, acromegaly (an excessive expanding of body tissues), damage to the thyroid gland, symptoms that imitate carpal tunnel syndrome may set in, there may be excessive hair growth, edemas, diabetic coma, as well as some damage to the liver. Also, continuing use of the growth hormone may also bring about an enlargement of the heart.