Vitamins for Good Skin

There is a definite and logical link between diet and good skin, as some of the nutrients that have an essential role in the complexion are vitamins and thus, many good products for skin care are full of high amounts of vitamins. Nevertheless, it is relevant that you also consume the key vitamins by way of the foodstuffs you take in. Here is a list of some of the essential vitamins for great skin, and also how to include them in the everyday diet.

  • Vitamin A

In the case that your skin is feeling dry and quite scaly, there is the likelihood that you might have a vitamin A deficiency. Also, those who have skin problems such as acne should also take larger amounts of vitamin A or, on the other hand, use products which are derivatives of this nutrient. This vitamin also serves to aid the skin in rebuilding tissues, and it is also a key vitamin for healing all sorts of wounds, scrapes, as well as other kinds of skin damage. It is also interesting that those who have been diagnosed with the skin disease of psoriasis are advised to apply retinoids, which are a form of vitamin A, in order to regulate cellular growth. Not only this, but vitamin A is a superb anti-aging nutrient as well, and helps minimize unwanted lines, dull skin as well as wrinkles and some other symptoms of skin aging. Satisfactory sources of this vitamin are dairy products, eggs, liver, leafy greens, carrots, and pumpkins.

  • Vitamin E

This is likely to be the most famous nutrient which is targeted towards healthy skin, due to the fact that E vitamin is a very useful antioxidant which aids in the fighting against free radicals which can damage the body, and which are usually a result of a number of factors such as for instance pollution, sun exposure as well as smoking. Free radicals are also one of the foremost causes of the skin’s premature aging and therefore, this vitamin is a very important nutrient for anti-aging purposes. By applying products which are rich in vitamin E, we can reduce the appearing of wrinkles, age spots, lines and even stretch marks. The sources of this vitamin are foodstuffs such as peanuts, olives, almonds, sunflower seeds, wheat germ and leafy greens.

  • Vitamin C

Another very effective antioxidant, similarly with E vitamin, is vitamin C, which means that it is also very effective when it comes to fighting against the signs of the skin’s aging. This nutrient also stimulates the producing of collagen in the skin – collagen being the protein in charge of making the skin supple and soft. In fact, this vitamin is one of the most effective in keeping the skin youthful-looking as well as smooth. The sources of this vitamin are almost all citrus fruits available. Also, vegetables such as for instance tomatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts are superb sources.

  • Vitamin B Complex

If your aim is to have supple, smooth and healthy-looking skin, then you should most definitely add B vitamins to your everyday nutrition. For instance, vitamin B1 goes a long way in boosting the circulation within the body and giving the skin a wonderful and healthy-looking glow. Also, if you are a woman and you are using birth control pills, then it is without doubt that you are risking a lack of B1 vitamin. Thus, either supplements or even better, natural sources of this nutrient are necessary, such as nuts, raisins, and egg yolks. Also, vitamin B3 or niacin may help the skin obtain sufficient amounts of oxygen, which may prevent the development of acne. The sources of niacin are broccoli, carrots and tomatoes, among others.