Vitamin B Complex Injection

A vitamin B complex injection is characterized by the presence of 8 crucial B vitamins –

  • folic acid or B9
  • biotin or B7
  • cyanocobalamin or B12
  • pyridoxineor B6
  • pantothenic acid or B5
  • niacin or B3
  • riboflavin or B2
  • thiamine or B1

According to surveys, the majority of people have sufficient amounts of B vitamins in their daily diet. However, this is not the case with everyone. Vegetarians, athletes, people who drink a lot of alcohol and elderly people (with severe anemia) are occasionally deficient in B vitamins and might need vitamin injections to boost their vitamin B supplies.

The functions of the vitamin B injection are beneficial to metabolism improvement, maintenance of skin, fortification of the immune system and the nervous system, developing muscle tone and fighting against anemia. Some scientists and doctors have used vitamin B injections during the treatment of cancer in patients who suffer from it, but it has not been proven that vitamin B injections are effective in such cases.

Vitamin B Rich Foods

People whose body does not lack in B vitamins are usually the ones who treat themselves with 5 servings of whole grains, fruit and vegetables per day. If you wish to enhance your B vitamin input, some of the foods offered are dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and milk, liver meat and fish meat, and especially shellfish. In addition, B vitamins belong to the group of water soluble vitamins, which basically means that they are not stored in our organisms. However, B vitamins are absorbed by our organs and systems of organs, after which all the extra vitamin leaves the body through the kidneys, via the urine. Taking into consideration that B vitamins are so omnipresent in everyday food, it is clear that vitamin B deficiency is not common in today’s society.

Rare Vitamin B Deficiency

Even though such a condition is rather unusual, some people may, however, suffer from vitamin B deficiency. This phenomenon is most frequently associated with people who do not eat meat or any other animal products – in other words, vegans as well as vegetarians. Vegans and vegetarians who stick to a very strict diet may be on a regular basis putting themselves at risk of reducing B 12 vitamin in their body. They do not face any health damage, though, as B 12 vitamin can be easily obtained by consuming oral supplements or injections of vitamin B 12.

There is one more specific case when individuals may struggle with vitamin B deficiency and without a doubt need a vitamin B complex injection, and that is in pre- or post- operative situations. Such patients are treated with a magic formula that boosts vitamin B level due to various diseases and conditions.

If your body does not react positively to such an injection, there are certain side effects which you have to be prepared for. Firstly, you might suffer from a mild diarrhea that usually goes away rapidly. Secondly, patients often complain of itching exanthema, the feeling of being swollen throughout the entire body. Some of the serious conditions that may occur but are not as frequent are peripheral vascular thrombosis and anaphylactic shock. When it comes to dosage, the common practice is to give 0.25 to 2 mg of vitamin B complex with a slow intravenous or intramuscular injection. The injection itself is supplied in individually boxed vials with a 30 ml multiple dose and stored in a refrigerator. However, do not be afraid if you notice a change in color due to refrigeration. The solution changes its shade and becomes darker due to a low temperature, but the color does not alter the productivity and effectiveness of the injection.