The Best Anti-aging Vitamins For Women

It seems that a great many number of women link the aging process with having wrinkles and dry skin though it is true that the aging of the skin is linked with those damaging molecules which are also recognized as free radicals and which affect the basic skin cell structure. However, substances such as antioxidants offer relevant protection against aging as well as the effect of free radical damage (free radicals are the molecules which are produced when the body breaks down food, or under the impact of smoking or for example radiation). Thus, it can be said that the best anti-aging nutrients for women are the antioxidants vitamin E, beta-carotene, and vitamin C.

Vitamin E – a useful antioxidant

This is a vitamin which is also a fat based antioxidant located within the skin. Thus, there are topical prescriptions of vitamin E which shield the skin of women from sun damage in the way that they protect from ultraviolet B rays and significantly reduce the number of sunburned cells. This vitamin, moreover, not only protects the skin from the damaging effects of sun exposure, but together with another vitamin, C vitamin, it also prevents the degrading of the skin or in other words, the maturing of women’s skin. Nonetheless, some research studies have come up with the argument that this vitamin might even be damaging for a certain group of people, but at this point, there is no substantial proof of this. It is without doubt, however, that pure A vitamin in large dosages can be quite toxic. Nevertheless, some people use this vitamin for their skin to protect it against the consequences of the chemicals which are used for cancer therapy (in other words, chemotherapy). The requirements and needs for this vitamin can be met through a variety of foodstuffs, and beneficial sources of E vitamin can be food like nuts, vegetable oils, leafy greens and various seeds.

Beta-Carotene – a form of vitamin A

This is also an antioxidant, as well as a form of vitamin A which can be found in plant foods and it has a large role in the process of growing and healing of body tissues. Unlike pure vitamin A in its purest form, this form, beta-carotene, is considered to be safe, as the converting to vitamin A of beta carotene is lowered when its stores are filled to the brim. When consumed, beta-carotene turns into retinol, which is a common ingredient that can be found in a great number of anti-aging creams due to its ability to hinder damage from free radicals. This antioxidant can be found in foodstuffs such as for instance spinach, apricots, carrots, spinach, and cantaloupe. It may be interesting that fruits and vegetables of a yellow or orange color such as carrots and pumpkins owe its hue to this natural chemical.

Vitamin C

This highly important and essential vitamin is extremely relevant for the entire body to function, but especially so for the skin, the connective tissues and the bones. Furthermore, it has a relevant role in the forming of collagen which in turn aids in keeping the skin of women firm. This vitamin C also serves to protect against the extremely harmful consequences of the sun’s rays. This nutrient is also a water soluble vitamin and thus it is not put away within the body. As a consequence, a daily diet rich with vitamin C is necessary to help the skin remain firm and without too many signs of aging. The best nutrition sources of this vitamin are papaya, red as well as yellow peppers, oranges, and strawberries.