Muscle Building Supplements for Women

Women should not generally be misled by the fact that there is a big gap between their needs and those of men in terms of muscle building. Essentially, both gender groups can stick to a similar regimen for muscle building, with only a few small differences. For example, some men opt for supplements rich in testosterone which promotes muscle growth acceleration. Such a practice can, unfortunately, turn out to be jeopardizing to women’s hormones, causing serious hormonal balance damage. In addition, women should bear in mind that their reproductive organs also crave necessary nutrients for proper functioning. Men, on the other hand, need not worry about such problems.

            For women to achieve long-wanted results, all they need to do is consume some of the following supplements:

Protein Supplements

            To date, protein supplements are the most frequently purchased supplements. This being true for both men and women, it is, therefore, par for the course that they have gained high popularity. The number one reason why these supplements are so trusted by bodybuilders is their safety. Protein supplements which are ‘pure’ are rich in natural proteins only. Existing protein compounds feed your body with exactly the same proteins that one would normally consume with a proper protein-abundant diet. Despite the similarities, there is one significant difference between natural protein and supplement protein – supplement protein is much more concentrated. In order to build your muscles, you are well advised to take 1 g of protein, or more, per 1 pound of body weight. By following this advice, you are bound to gain unbelievable muscle gain. If you are unsure where to find adequate protein sources, some suggestions are protein bars and protein shakes.

Creatine Supplements

            Creatine supplements have not only been effective in the area of muscle building for many years now, but they have also been upgraded recently. Modern, upgraded, creatine supplement products are improved by ethyl ester, a compound the function of which is to prevent bloating, a possible side effect when taking one such supplement. This can actually prove to be a benefit to women suffering from water retention. It can be consumed by both women who wish to develop muscular bodies and by women who are not bodybuilders, that is, by women who do not normally have high-intensity workouts. Creatine supplements can be bought as powder products, or even in capsule form.

Calcium Supplements

            The most important and interesting aspect of a calcium supplement is that it is more relevant for bone density than for muscle gain. However, according to scientists and research findings, calcium is one of the crucial nutrients which play a part in muscle production. One needs to make sure muscles are properly developed from the very beginning in order to promote their growth later on.

In addition, exercising expends a great deal of energy, consequently reducing calcium levels. The spent calcium needs to be refilled, or else women might put themselves in danger of bone density loss or even menstruation issues (irregular periods as a result of hormone changes). Thus, it is easy to avoid any possible dangers thanks to calcium supplements. Nowadays, supplement brands offer calcium supplements with magnesium, which aids calcium processing. That way, you can retain a healthy state of body functions and gain muscle along the way.

Glutamine Supplements

Glutamine’s indispensability lies in the fact that it prevents muscles from breaking down during exhausting workouts, particularly weightlifting. Bodybuilders who suffer from a condition medically termed as over-training syndrome have a lack of glutamine that needs to be replenished as soon as possible. Although it may not help you build muscles, it will work as their guard and protect them from potential damage, which is why its significance is more than obvious. Glutamine supplements can be found as powders or capsules.