Liquid Vitamins vs. Pills

vitamin pillsEvery single person living on this planet hopefully knows that vitamins are important for our health and well-being. It is best if we get adequate amounts of vitamins through our diet. However, sometimes it’s not possible. Young children, older citizens, pregnant and lactating women, people who suffer from some health conditions can’t just get enough vitamins from the food. Fortunately, there is an abundance of vitamin supplements on the market today.

Although these supplements can’t compensate an unhealthy diet, they can improve our health and well-being by filling in what is missing in our body. Vitamin supplements come in different forms. Usually they come in liquid form, in a form of a pill, or even a powder. This makes it difficult to decide which one is better, which one should we choose. In this article we would deal with the advantages and disadvantages of liquid vitamins and pill vitamins.

Liquid vitamins vs. pill vitamins

Absorption ratio

Many people would say that the biggest advantage of liquid vitamins over pill vitamins is that they are absorbed better. Once we take in a vitamin in a liquid form, it takes few minutes for it to absorb in our blood stream. It also bypasses our digestive system, thus not producing any unpleasant reactions.

When it comes to pill vitamins, it is believed that it takes a bit longer to absorb them. Some even believe that most of pill vitamins just pass through our body with no effect – they believe that most of the pill vitamins are actually placebo pills. The reason why they don’t absorb as quickly as liquid vitamins is that they firstly have to brake down from a capsule in order to be absorbed in our body. This process can sometimes cause some unpleasant reactions such as acid indigestion or heartburn. However, one always can and actually always shall take a look on the labels before taking the vitamin supplements.


Usually, pill vitamins are tasteless. They are produced like that so that a person taking it could just swallow it immediately with no problems. But some pill vitamins are chewable. They can have some additional taste which can be a bit better, especially for children.

Liquid vitamins, on the other hand, are consumed like beverages. This is why they usually have some added flavor. And again, it is common with kid’s vitamins supplements. Since kids are quite picky when it comes to food, and since they prefer sweet flavors, liquid vitamins usually have sweet taste added to them.

Financial aspect

Not many producers have liquid vitamins in their offer. However, there is an abundance of pill vitamins on the market. That’s why the price of liquid vitamins is significantly higher than the price of pill vitamins.

Additional ingredients

It is a common knowledge that both liquid vitamins and pill vitamins contain some added ingredients. When it comes to pill vitamins, they usual contain some added ingredients that keep the vitamins together in a small pill. Those ingredients are: fillers, gluten, gelatin, binders. These added ingredients are responsible for slower vitamin pill absorption.

On the other hand, there are some added ingredients to liquid vitamins as well. Those ingredients are: sugar, preservatives, alcohol, synthetic sweeteners… They’re usually added for that additional flavor we had previously mentioned.

How to Chose the Best Type of Supplements?

There are many factors that can make an impact on vitamin absorption. Other than the nature of the vitamin supplement itself, the factors can be numerous.

Some of them include the functions of person taking it, whether that person is a young child who is growing up, a pregnant or lactating woman, an older person; it also depends on the state of person’s health or even on person’s gender. Other factors can even be whether a vitamin supplement was taken on an empty or a full stomach, or even on which part of the day it was taken.

Final words

As we have seen from this article, there are many advantages and disadvantages for both liquid vitamins and pill vitamins as well. It seems that there are more advantages of liquid vitamins. However, the factors that have an impact on choosing the form of vitamin supplement one should take are numerous and variable. A person should first read the labels on a product he/she wants to take. If that isn’t helpful enough, one should then consult with an expert for example, a doctor.