How Many Calories Are There In Green Tea?

Green tea, nowadays a very popular drink, has many health benefits, some of which are fat loss as well as general health. Moreover, it is frequently consumed as it is a calorie-free or at least a low-calorie substitute for soft drinks as well as containing very important nutrients such as antioxidants. There are numerous assorted sorts of green tea offered and they differ according to the calorie content as well as some other features.

• Green Tea in Bottles

This tea available in bottle form is usually sweetened, by either corn syrup high in fructose, sugar or even artificial sweeteners such as for instance aspartame or sucralose. Thus, a Snapple bottle of green tea containing sugar has sixty calories in a serving of eight ounces – about 130 calories per the entire bottle. Often, however, bottled green tea also contains milk, which raises the calorie content of the drink.

• Loose Leaf Green Tea

These loose tea leaves are usually heated up in a teapot before being imbibed, and similarly to teabags, they have no calories at all. Some people claim that the tea prepared from loose leaves provides even greater wellbeing perks than the tea made from bags, although, both forms of tea created via more conventional methods have the lowest caloric content. On the other hand, tea in powder or bottles is much like soft drinks in caloric content as well as other ingredients.

• Green Tea in Powder Form

Green tea can come in the form of a powdered or instant form, which is frequently sold as a shake or a frappe. Thus, a green tea shake is made with matcha, or in other words, the tea leaves in powder form, with unrefined sugar or whole cane sugar added, which has 30 calories. Also, there is a variant sweetened with xylitol, with 22 calories. These teas are blended with additional milk to make a complete drink, which without doubt adds extra calories to the cup of tea. The exact amount of calories depends on the type of sweetener, cream or milk added.

• Green Tea in Bags

This sort of tea is also available as teabags, which are really 2-gram batches of leaves, and which contain only the tea leaves that the drinker can steep in boiling water. Thus, a 1.8 gram bag contains no calories and no additional sugar or milk. What is best is using brown instead of granulated white sugar, as brown sugar contains fewer calories.

Some Other Advantages of This Tea

Not only is this a zero calorie beverage, but green tea also has advantages for those who seek to lose fat or weight. As we know, green tea includes an active component identified as catechins, and bringing in these substances into a dietary regime can cause the result of a considerably enhanced body composition.

Also, these facts need to be taken into consideration:

– One teaspoon of sugar can contain about 20 calories.
– A single cup of skimmed milk can contain some 10 calories.

Thereby, if 2 teaspoons of sugar and 1 cup of skimmed milk are used, a cup of tea will contain 28 calories.

On the other hand, iced tea made with tea bags, water and ice cubes has not calories at all. Although, it may be that the ones made commercially and mixed can contain more calories due to the sweeteners or milk which are added.

In conclusion, green tea is the ideal beverage for those who are seeking to fight against fat and want to take in a moderate amount of sugar. Green tea has also many other health benefits, which are too many to enumerate in this article.