Health Benefits of Vitamin D

The B vitamin is an important nutrient for many reasons. This vitamin uses regular exposure to the sun to permit the skin to utilize ultraviolet-B rays in the synthesizing of vitamin D. The health advantages of this vitamin are the following:

Vitamin D Sustains the Balance of Calcium Levels

The maintaining of calcium levels in the blood is very important for the normal operating of the nervous system and for bone growth, and for the upkeep of bone mass. Thus, Vitamin D helps the efficient absorbing of calcium as well as phosphorus, which in turn ensures healthy bones and a sturdy immune system, preventing osteoporosis and arthritis.

It Has a Function in the Secretion of Insulin

The active usage of vitamin D has a vital function in controlling diabetes mellitus by regulating insulin production. Research has suggested that scarce levels of vitamin might have an unfavorable effect on insulin secretion in diabetes type 2.

This Vitamin Regulates Blood Pressure

Sufficient levels of vitamin D are relevant to decrease the danger of elevated blood pressure.

It Boosts the Immunity System

Active vitamin D is a powerful immune system regulator. It has several effects on the function of the immune system, enhancing the immunity.

D Vitamin, Rickets and Osteoporosis

Vitamin D deters osteomalacia as well as rickets. Osteomalacia, a fragility of the muscles and brittle bones, prevails in adults with D vitamin insufficiency and rickets is a defect of the skeleton largely prevalent in children. Osteoporosis is an example of a continuing vitamin D insufficiency, as is the increasing occurrence of hip breakages.

Vitamin D and its Impact on Cancer

Research has suggested that vitamin D might protect against some kinds of cancers by regulating an abnormal multiplying of cancer cells and researchers have detected that abundant sun exposure decreases the risk of cancer. It seems also that there is a connection between elevated vitamin D levels in the blood and lesser cancer occurrences (largely colon and rectal cancers).

Vitamin D and Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is also linked with an added risk of hip breakages as many patients are usually homebound, commonly deprived of sunlight, and elderly. For, less vitamin D converts to its active form with the aging process.


Other Diseases the Deficiency of Vitamin D Might Affect

Autoimmune Disorders – Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis

Therapy with vitamin D also has advantageous effects on those suffering from autoimmune diseases such as MS and rheumatoid arthritis and it has been shown that adequate vitamin D intake decreases the probability of these disorders occurring.

Vitamin D Toxicity

It is very rare to have a vitamin D overdose, but here is a guide to upper intake levels for this vitamin:


Infants 0 12 months  1000 IU
Children 1 18 years  2000 IU
Adults 19 years and older    2000 IU


Vitamin D3 Supplements

As it is not always possible to obtain vitamin D from exposure to the sun, the intake of vitamin D supplements is a practical way to guarantee adequate levels of this important guardian of the body. Even though supplements of D vitamin are less effective in synthesizing this vitamin naturally, they are nevertheless effectual in treating a number of medical disorders. This vital nutrient can also be obtained by way of vitamin D enriched food products and fortified milk.

But, in the natural way, the benefits of vitamin D can be obtained by increasing exposure to sunlight and including vitamin D rich foods into your diet. These foodstuffs are fish, cod liver oil, milk, dairy products and eggs. Of course, a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are also good sources of this vitamin.


  1. My last three blood tests are showing vit d at a 5, white blood cells high and blood in my urine.

    Can the low vit D be caused by something else going on?

  2. We got hit with the flu pretty hard this year. I have 2 little ones and a hubby. When strep came to the house, I thought I was going to lose it. I found an article online that claimed Vitamin D was better than a flu shot so I started doing some research (my kiddos got the flu shot by the way, it totally did not matter). I eventually got a book on it, “Powerful Medicine – Vitamin D” and I was totally blown away about how important this stuff is. You always hear about vitamin C, not D. I got my family on D and so far, no colds. Even when their cousins show up with snotty noses 😉

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