Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

When it comes to herbal medicine, aloe vera is among the typical and the most frequently used plants for remedial purposes. In addition, it is one of the most commonly cultivated plants, both industrially and at home. Its practicability has given the opportunity to numerous herb lovers to grow their own aloe vera plants and use natural, homemade aloe vera products. Three forms of aloe vera extract have proven to be the most popular – juice, latex and gel. Regardless of the fact whether aloe vera is processed or raw, it has been applied in a range of medical procedures and the treatment of illnesses.

Despite widespread use, the effectiveness of aloe vera has not been proven in absolutely all areas of study. The reason for this is that it shows promise in the initial section of the medical treatment, after which it may or may not keep on being productive, depending on the individual case. The usage of aloe vera, therefore, should be discussed with a doctor before the actual application process commences.

Healing Ability

A journal called ‘Burns’ came out with a publication that gives evidence of the power of aloe vera for the treatment of burnt skin. Also, the International Society for Burn Injuries proudly presented the results of 4 different studies that dealt with the application of aloe vera on burns. The groups of patients examined were split into two groups. One group was treated with placebo products, whereas the other one enjoyed the benefit of using aloe vera on the affected area of the skin. The study indicated that the patients from the latter group healed over a period of time up to eight days shorter than the patients from group one. However, the types of burns that can truly be healed with the usage of aloe vera products are first and second-degree burns. It should never be up to the patient to decide whether he or she will treat the burn area with aloe vera.  The patient should be taken to a doctor as soon as possible to have proper treatment administered on the wound.

Relief from Chronic Constipation

The aloe vera leaf comprises healthy ingredients among which there is a substance known as aloin, which has a strong laxative effect on the digestive system and the colon muscles. This effect has been proven by scientists, which means that it is perfectly safe to use in adequate amounts, prescribed by professionals. There are other laxative plants such as senna and cascara, but the advantage of aloe vera lies in the fact that it is less harsh and equally productive.

Genital Herpes Treatment

Copious research on men only to the conclusion that aloe vera deserves a grade B for the treatment of genital herpes. The point of treatment that showed as being the most prominent is the aspect of the superiority of aloe vera over hydrocortisone creams. In order to confirm the effects of aloe vera, more research definitely needs to be done. That is the reason why one should not replace prescribed herpes medications with aloe vera-based ointments before scientists agree on the exact, precise relevance of aloe vera in the treatment of genital herpes in men.

Inflammation Reduction

C-glucosyl chromone is a crucial substance contained in aloe vera that has the capability to soothe inflammation and decrease burns to a minimal level. Moreover, C-glucosyl improves the growth of skin during the recovery process and is a better choice than hydrocortisone creams. Despite the obvious positive sides of aloe vera products, do not make an independent decision on the treatment of wounds, but see a doctor in case you are affected by a rash or suffer from pain caused by burnt skin.