Does Hydroxycut Work?

Although weight loss supplements are sometimes a waste of money, people still tend to purchase them for one obvious reason. Namely, when they do not have time to exercise and organize their diet, they take the easy way out and opt for dietary supplements, with the hope that a mere pill can help them lose weight. The truth be told, supplements can be an aid to some extent, but physical activity and a restricted diet are of an utmost importance. Hydroxycut is one of the popular supplements on the market today. To be precise, it’s the Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Formula that comprises vitamin C, calcium, caffeine, as well as nine extremely nutritional herbs and natural ingredients that can speed up your weight loss plan.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects of Hydroxycut?

Consuming Hydroxycut bears certain responsibilities concerning potential consequences of prolonged supplement usage. The same goes for many other weight loss supplements. Apart from a mere purchasing of the product, you have to inform yourself about all the side effects, in order to decide whether that specific product works for your individual body or not. It is important to remember to check the label of the package of every supplement and make sure you are not allergic to any of the segments and ingredients. If you believe you are not competent enough to do this, your local physician can be of a definite help.

Claims about Hydroxycut

There are websites you may come across such as which claim this supplement to be very successful, and a great facilitator during the period of weight loss. They even describe some studies which dealt directly with Hydroxycut.

One of these studies lasted for 12 weeks, with the subject split into two main groups. The experimental group was given Hydroxycut ingredient to consume, some of them being Alchemia vulgaris, Cuminum cyminum, Olea europaea and Mentha longifolia. The other group was simply given a placebo replacement for Hydroxycut. After the study was finished, the subjects in the group who had consumed Hydroxycut ingredients dropped 20 lbs on average, which was a tremendous success. On the other hand, the subjects in the placebo group lost a mere 1.7 lbs. The study was extended for another eight weeks as the scientists wanted to see whether the subjects would keep losing weight. At the end of the eighth week, the first group could boast with 16 more pounds being completely gone. The subjects in the placebo group failed to have any noticeable success, once again. On average, they managed to lose about 1.73 lbs.

Hydroxycut Effects on the Liver

The US Food and Drug Administration decided to put a ban on Hydroxycut after 23 reports have been submitted about this supplement. The reports were entirely justified, as certain consumers developed serious health conditions. People generally complained about issues with the liver, but there was also one unfortunate case of death. The strange thing about the conditions reported was that the consumers did not even exceed the allowed intake limit, but took their Hydroxycut in recommended doses. Therefore, if you currently consume Hydroxycut and notice any changes in your body, immediately seek help from a doctor. Do not wait for the symptoms to develop and deteriorate the situation. Some of the symptoms you should pay special attention to are jaundice, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, brown urine, fatigue, loss of appetite and light-colored stools. In case of any of the mentioned symptoms, medical help is mandatory.

Other Reported Health Problems

Except for the most commonly reported liver conditions, people have also reported seizures, cardiovascular problems and rhabdomyolysis, which were also a consequence of Hydroxycut usage. Hydroxycut has not necessarily been the main cause of the development of certain diseases, but it has certainly contributed to some conditions taking a wrong turn and affecting the patients severely.