Do HGH Supplements Work?

When describing HGH supplements, the first question that rises is, what does HGH stand for? Namely, HGH means ‘human growth hormone’, a hormone created by the pituitary gland in the brain. Human growth hormone is crucial for proper maintenance of body tissue and muscles. Frequently, companies selling human HGH supplement products advertise them as ‘miraculous’. In addition, they claim that they can help you not only decrease the pace of aging but also cease this inevitable process. The secret lies in the fact that such supplements provide you with a unique feeling of vitality and fitness. Despite the producers’ claims, HGH supplements have not proven to be successful to such extent. Due to potential side effects that every supplemental product may trigger, it is mandatory for you to seek advice from a professional and ensure that supplementation is completely safe.

HGH & Pituitary Gland

The period of adolescence is the essential period for the production of HGH. Copious research has pointed out that the greatest amount of human growth hormone is secreted when a person is young. During childhood, HGH is spread via the blood flow and it successfully reaches each body part to guarantee healthy development of the entire organism and individual systems of organs.

As the years roll on, the pace of growth decreases, and so does the production of HGH in your brain. Low HGH in your body may initiate the aging process, the reason for which symptoms such as weakness occur. Another common aging sign is the occurrence of wrinkles that can actually be treated with adequate hormone therapy. People who reach adult age and crave for HGH may receive additional HGH injections. These HGH replacement dose can improve the structure of muscles and bones, influence the reduction of unnecessary fat, fortify your body and make it extremely durable.

HGH Supplementation

Nowadays, HGH supplements have become increasingly popular, especially the ones with natural content. When it comes to natural HGH products, there are three main forms: nasal sprays, oral supplements and topical creams. However, it is believed that these products are short of pure human growth hormone and that such supplements are entirely ineffective. Professionals, on the other hand, hold a stand that HGH can only be beneficial when directly injected into one’s body. The downside of such a claim is that a single injection may cost up to $10,000 for one adult. Products that cost a mere fraction of the above-mentioned sum are unfortunately considered to be useless, which has not affected their popularity. The most common characteristic of HGH supplement products is the fact that they comprise plant growth hormone, which, although a growth hormone, cannot trigger growth in humans and is thus not worth the purchase.

HGH Deficiency

Rarely does it happen that a middle-aged person suffers from HGH deficiency. What can bring about such a condition is pituitary adenoma, a tumor growing on the pituitary gland. This has been the most typical cause of reduced human growth hormone production. Only a certified professional is allowed to prescribe HGH injections and give it to patients in need. These injections are not to be used by people whose aging process develops in a proper way, whereas people with conditions such as muscle weakening are more than welcome to ask for them. Although children have an increased production of HGH, few exceptions suffer from impeded HGH productions and lack sufficient levels of HGH. Apart from adults with muscle wasting conditions, children with low HGH are the only two groups to which HGH injections should be urgently administered.

To end with, make sure to purchase HGH supplements from legitimate pharmacies, instead of from online websites whose products could be of a dubious background.