Chewable Vitamins for Adults

Due to our busy life-styles as well as a lack of key nutrients in our daily diets, ingesting vitamin supplements has become what might be called a necessity. Thus, chewable vitamins have become very popular, as they are not hard to carry around and consume, and also, they need no water.

Why do we need Vitamin Supplements?

Vitamin supplements of the chewable kind will supply us with some additional dietary support which is needed for the immunity system to function well. Also, the antioxidant capacities of these nutrients protect the body from free radicals damage. These nutrients are also necessary in order to support the development of body tissues, as well as aiding in the production of collagen. It is not always possible to get these nutrients from our daily diets, so supplements are very handy in protecting the body from damage due to a lack of nutrients.

What Are Chewable Vitamins?

There are many forms of supplements, one of them being the chewable kind, of which there are 4 types:

1. Chewable Prenatal Vitamins
2. Chewables for Children
3. Chewables for Women
4. Chewables for Men

The chewable nutrients also have a much better taste than the other variety that is not chewed, and there are many flavors – berry, cherry orange, delicious lemon, chocolate, as well as the gummy type. Another bonus is that they have no added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Considering that these nutrients are delivered right to the digestive system, they, as a consequence, can deliver the complete quantity of the vitamins they contain. By being chewed, they are absorbed very rapidly in the digestive system.

Chewable Supplements For Women

Also available are special chewable supplements for females, enriched with vitamins which are specially created for the needs of women, especially in the case of prenatal vitamins.

Chewable Vitamins For Those With Allergies

There are chewable vitamins for those who have allergies to gluten. Here are also the vitamins for those who have allergies to dairy, yeast, eggs, wheat, flavors, synthetic preservatives, etc.

Directions For Ingesting Chewable Vitamins

These specially-formed vitamins should be ingested as instructed on the packet. There are two different kinds of tablets, the first kind being the ones for which the directions have been given. In other situations, the nutrient must be dissolved by saliva and not chewed or swallowed, as they need to be broken down.

Formerly in the past, these kinds of vitamins had to be imbibed with milk but now this is different, as surplus calcium can hinder the absorbing of essential minerals and vitamins which exist in these supplements. If you dislike the flavor of these nutrients, imbibe water rather than milk or juice, to rinse down the leftovers of the vitamins.

Are there any side effects?

As with most supplements, these too have some side effects, though a usual, the answer is to ingest these vitamins moderately. For instance, there are known side effects for prenatal vitamins and thus, expecting mothers should take advice from their physicians about taking these vitamins.

Some supplements:


These are adult gummy vitamins with essential nutrients and they meet one hundred percent of the suggested dietary allowance for almost all the key minerals and vitamins. This product, however, consists of 18 milligrams of iron, and those over the age of 50 need to choose the iron-free option.

Vitamin World Adult

The vitamin A in this product is in the form of non-toxic beta-carotene, thus meeting the criteria for magnesium and vitamin E. This chewable is excellent for those who would rather ingest natural products, as it is free from flavors, artificial colors, and preservatives, as well as from lactose, milk, lactose, gluten and wheat.