Bitter Orange for Weight Loss

Introduction to the Nature of Bitter Orange

Bitter orange is one of those supplements whose usage may be a controversial subject. Although it has been generally used for the treatment of a great number of conditions, bitter orange is nowadays most widely consumed for the purpose of dropping weight. The ingredients in the bitter orange supplementation have been proven by researchers to speed up the process of weight loss. However, the safety of this product is today rather dubious.

Product Background

The full name of bitter orange is citrus aurantium, but it is also known under the names of Seville orange and sour orange. This product is extracted from a tree and its origins are deeply rooted in both Asia and the Mediterranean region. With the development of technology in agriculture, this tree can today be cultivated in warm climatic zones such as California, or even Hawaii. For hundreds of years now, people have been adding bitter orange to different treatment methods and have noticed its positive effects in conditions such as abdominal pain, cramps or constipation.

How to Use Bitter Orange?

If you take a look at the whole bitter orange tree, what you can use for the production of weight loss products are actually the fruit, the peel, and sometimes even the leaves and the flower. There are two ways in which you can make the most out of bitter orange. First of all, you can consume pills. Secondly, you can find this supplement in the form of oil and apply it on the skin. When it comes to oral consumption, bitter orange can be found in retail in tablet, capsule or extract form. However, as regards the oil, the high-quality one which is derived from the flower products is known as neroli. There is also petitgrain, a type of oil derived from the leaves.

The treatment of skin with bitter orange oil was most commonly started if the doctor had previously noticed the development of fungus or ringworm in the patient. Bitter orange taken orally is meant for other purposes that have nothing to do with skin condition. The oral form of bitter orange is the most useful in the cases of weight loss, congestion, a lack of appetite, heartburn, etc. As mentioned at the very beginning, the safety of the bitter orange is considered questionable and tests need to be carried out as soon as possible, so that scientists can be certain about its effects.

Bitter Orange & Weight Loss

Bitter orange is full of synephrine, an alkaloid substance of similar characteristics as ephedra. Ephedra has been on the prohibition list of the Food and Drug Administration due to the fact that it causes blood pressure to elevate in a great extent and thus risks the lives of potential patients. Synephrine, though, is not believed to respond similar to ephedra. Namely, a six-week study has been conducted and scientists have come to one conclusion – bitter orange that was given to one study group, in combination with caffeine and St. John’s Wort, managed to help the examinees lose significant weight.

Bitter Orange Dosage

The dosage for bitter orange has never been formally estimated, but is considered to vary from person to person. Recent tests have indicated that an average person suffering from obesity can lose quite enough weight with a daily dose of merely 32 mg of synephrine. Consumers are not advised to make the decisions about the dosage on their own. Any dosage excesses can lead to a number of unwanted consequences, which on the other hand can easily be prevented if you seek advice from a nutritionist or a physician.