Best Weight Loss Supplements for Men

Nowadays, supplements are becoming an omnipresent segment of everyday life for more and more men who care about their health. Despite such popularity, it is difficult to vouch that every single supplement product is productive and genuinely useful. In truth, a great portion of supplement products do not live up to the expectations of consumers and turn out to be a sheer waste of money. On the other hand, scientists have discovered a group of supplements for men whose efficiency is not to be doubted owing to their unique ability to burn fat by improving fat oxidation and altering energy expenditure.

The Melting Mineral

Calcium has always been known as crucial for the proper development of bone structure, but it also has other less-renowned positive effects. Although you might not have been familiar with this piece of information, calcium has actually developed fat-burning qualities. It has a secondary role in the weight loss process, scientists claim. A study was carried out in July 2005 pointing out that calcium has the power to encourage body weight loss in obese people. Namely, during the study, examinees were divided into two groups, each following a certain type of prescribed diet. With the first group, subjects who were told to follow a dairy-high diet lost significantly more fat in the abdominal region in comparison to the subjects who kept a regular, unrestricted diet. Then, during the second test, both groups were subject to a dairy-high, monitored and restricted diet, which ultimately proved to be more than beneficial, since those examinees dropped twice the number of pounds than the examinees whose diet was low in dairy products, i.e. calcium.


Capsaicin may be familiar to spicy food lovers for a very simple reason – chili peppers hide an abundance of this supplement. Indications that capsaicin can truly combat incontrollable fat storing were proven correct in 2010 when researchers set an interesting experiment involving a study group and a placebo group. The conclusion drawn was that the subjects, whose diet was high in capsaicin, but also high in fat, experienced an 8 % downfall in fat. Comparing these results to the placebo group that was on the exact same diet showed that the second group did not reach such an achievement, however small. The secret behind capsaicin lies in its ability to improve the operation of proteins that help us burn fat, thus changing and improving the expenditure of energy during the day.

Oolong Tea Extract

The benefits of green tea have been well known for many years now, yet the positive effect of oolong tea have not been talked about enough. Oolong tea can help men burn fat in two ways. First of all, oolong tea can affect energy expenditure and pace it up a notch. As a result, it has a direct impact on the process of burning calories. In addition to that, oolong tea facilitates fat oxidation, allowing fat to dissolve more easily and efficiently. Without the oxidation, fat would not be able to prepare for the whole procedure of energy expenditure, which is why oolong tea is repeatedly recommended by nutritionists all around the globe.


Researchers have also believed that butyrate can be of use to men while losing weight. Their opinion was finally proven once butyrate had been tested on obese individuals. Subjects who accepted to take part in the test were told to hold on to their high-calorie diets, but were also told to take in plenty of butyrate. Both the researchers and examinees were satisfied to find out the butyrate improved their energy expenditure and fat oxidation. The researchers discovered a certain change in the behavior of insulin, as well. The sensitivity of insulin was raised, the effects of which were demonstrated in their bodies wasting fewer amounts of insulin to store carbohydrates. Low insulin levels improve the chances of burning fat.